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JSC - Johannesburg Skydiving Club
 Chairman's Report 

Posted 20 August 2015

JSC has been nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Lilizela Tourism Awards! Our club rocks!!

JSC nominated as a finalist in the National Lilizela Tourism Awards!!

Hot on the heels of our clean-up at the West Rand Tourism Awards, JSC has done it again with a nomination in the finals of the 2015 Lilizela Tourism Awards!!

Thanks to all who voted for our awesome club :)

Watch a video of the finalists on Facebook

Visit the Lilizela website to see our name in lights :)

 Chairman's Report 

Posted 1 July 2015

JSC remains the leader, setting an example for others to follow!

Hi everyone,

I find myself humbled and to say the honest truth, somewhat overwhelmed.

JSC received an invitation to attend the West Rand Tourism Award Evening held at Silver Star casino on Monday 20 July.

Needless to say, this is a most prestigious event and only receiving an invitation to attend it, already is quite an achievement.

Our expectations were exceeded by far and we are proud to report back to our membership with the following awards presented to JSC:

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

1. Adventure Experience: GOLD AWARD

2. Best Tourism Experience: PLATINUM AWARD

3. Tourism Experience: OVERALL WINNER
(floating trophy)

4. Special Award: Tourism Ambassador of the Year:

This huge privilege and honour would never have turned into a reality, had it not been for the passion and active participation of the team I am so blessed to be a part of.

The Johannesburg Skydiving Club Committee, Tandem Masters, Editors, Hosts, Cameramen and all other members selflessly contributing to making JSC the spectacular Club it is, deserve more mention than I do. (There are so many of you and I cannot mention any names in fear of excluding someone.)

Guys thank you for your continued efforts!

JSC will now automatically be included for nominations for awards on a higher level and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!!!!

 JSC Wins 4 Tourism Awards! 

Posted 30 June 2015

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

I am exceptionally pleased and proud to announce that Johannesburg Skydiving Club just won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards.

The awards were hosted at Silverstar Casino and many dignitaries from municipal, local and national government attended the event.

JSC won the following awards:

And our esteemed Chairman Eugene “Pottie” Potgieter won

Based on the other winners and the fact that JSC won the Overall Floating Trophy for OVERALL Tourism Experience shows that all the hard work was worth it and we can only strive to make JSC the best tourist destination not only in the West Rand, but in South Africa as a whole.

I have to extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to the whole Committee who work tirelessly every day to ensure the operation continues to excel, the tandem masters who make the tourist experience so memorable, the camera crew who capture it all, the editors who entrench the memories forever, the packers for ensuring they all keep flying safely and to all the members who contribute to the instructor body including JM’s and Instructors. And the support staff that play such an integral role in the background, manifest, canteen and bar operators and staff keep us all going each weekend, without who, we would be lost (and starving), thank you.

This is an amazing ship we have and I am so proud to have been part of this phenomenal achievement for 2015.

Well done,

 Note from the CI 

Posted 15 June 2015

It has been a year since I took over as CI for JSC and it has been a productive and busy year.

My biggest aim has been to get to know everybody. Where they are in their progression, what their plans are going forward and to see how I can assist in getting everybody to those goals.

So often in Skydiving, there is a lull in progress and sometimes all that is needed is a gentle push to continue that progression.

In the last year, I have seen so many people stepping up and getting that next licence or rating. But there is room for more. It is not just about what the sport can do for you, but what you can do for the sport.

If you think of who the people were that helped you when you were a student. The jumpmasters, instructors and coaches that were there for briefings, batting in, instructional jumps etc. Now is the time to see how you can up your game to get to that level so you can be that person to the next generation of jumpers.

When you look forward over the next 6 months, make a note of what your next level up is and put some plans in place to make that happen.

As always, I am available to assist in getting requirements under the belt and getting you on that path. So feel free to contact me so we can plan that future step up together.

I am looking forward to another great year of experiences, jumps and fun together.

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