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JSC - Johannesburg Skydiving Club
 Chairman's Report 

Posted 2 February 2016

Good news, more good news and great news!

Good day everyone!

Well, today I am happy to say there is good news, more good news and great news!

The good news is that our water supply to our swoop pond has finally been reïnstated! More good news is that our pond lining is being attended to and we will be filling up within this week, making it possible for us to upgrade our irrigation system!

Now wait for this!

The great news is that the first big project being funded by the JSC Tandem Operation is becoming a reality! Very near in the future, the “skygods” and pro rated skydivers will be green with envy! Our JSC VIP’s (being our students, intermediate and non pro rated jumpers), will have a better and greener landing area than that of the current “Pro rated” area!

The plan is to prepare and level the area between the beerline and the student pit. We are obtaining quotes for instant lawn and this has to be done while we still are in the growing season. It might move some to use alternative landing areas for a while, but we will communicate it so everyone can do so safely.

Due to the huge expense of this exciting project, we will have to approve it on the AGM on the 20th of February 2016, so please be there!

Huge thanks to our JSC Committee team for their efforts in making this possible!

One more thing, we really need to plant some trees for more shade in our parking area! If each member could bring us a tree we can plant, it will be highly appreciated!

See you at the club!

 Three reach 1000th skydive on the same load!!! 

Posted 21 January 2016

Peter Hansen, Ryan Weeks and Bruce Tait completed their 1000th jump on the 17th January 2016, on the same load, at Johannesburg Skydiving Club.


Has anyone even heard a crazy awesome statistic like this???

THREE JSC members doing their 1000th jump on the exact same load... We certainly haven't!

Bruce Tait, Peter Hansen and Ryan Weeks completed their 1000th jump on the 17th January 2016, on the same load, at Johannesburg Skydiving Club.

That Just Happened. What an AMAZING Achievement!!! We are not too sure about this, we certainly haven't EVER heard of anything of this nature happening at any club, anywhere, around the WORLD.... Three club members reach this amazing achievement on the same jump...

We are blessed to have them and we're tremendously proud.


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 Food for Thought 

Posted 21 January 2016

Cutaway handle

Join the conversation!

We've added a new section to our website where we encourage members to share skydiving articles of interest and generally start safety discussions.

You can add your own comments at the bottom of the articles, so join the conversation!

Our very first contribution comes from veteran JSC member, Warren Dent – thanks Warren!

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 Chairman's Report 

Posted 20 January 2016

AGM on 20th February

Hi there everyone!

I simply cannot believe that yet another year has gone!

We are very excited as this year’s line up is going to better than ever! Watch this space!

We will be having our AGM on the 20th of February 2016! Please make sure that your membership is current and fully paid up so you can cast your vote!!

Guys, as with everything going up (not to even mention the exchange rate), our membership fees just had to be reviewed. Our JSC membership fees for 2016/2017 are now payable at an amount of R700.

If you are keen to serve on the committee and to participate in the management of our Club, please contact me directly on pottie@jsc.co.za

Should anyone wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please confirm that they are willing to stand and then send send me a mail where you nominate the person for the position in question.

The following persons have indicated that they will make themselves available to serve on the committee for 2016/2017!

Chief Instructor: (NSTO Appointed Position, not voted in at AGM)
• Beverly Cosslett

• Eugene (Pottie) Potgieter

• Pam Turner

Equipment Officer:
• Peter Hansen

• Hani Labuschagne

Operations Manager:
• Fritz Schoeman

Grounds Manager:
• Gerrie Peyper

Marketing Manager:
• Jeannie Swanepoel

We have started to make a point last year to co-opt and involve newer members in sub committee positions which produced amazing results!! Get involved guys! Let’s build this club into something even more spectacular!

More news will follow as we get closer to the AGM. There was this little bird sharing something about a helicopter and some other exciting stuff, let’s wait and see...

Blue skies,

 JSC Membership 2016 

Posted 14 January 2016

Club Fees due end January

With little over two weeks (and a pay day) before the end of January, we would like to remind all our members that club fees are due at the end of January.

Please download the membership application form and ensure you complete all relevant fields for submission.

You could take your completed form with on the weekend and pay at manifest, or scan and email to hani@jsc.co.za

Blue Skies
 Nationals Team Training Specials 

Posted 14 January 2016

JSC Team Training Special - pay for 10 jumps and get the 11th jump FREE!!

Pay for 10 jumps upfront and get the 11th jump FREE!!

This special applies to 2 way with camera and 4 way with camera for all registered teams, and is valid up until Nationals.

Please note it is not limited to the amount of jumps done in a month or a weekend.

Email proof of payment to accounts@jsc.co.za and on receipt thereof your jump account will automatically be credited with R280 (one slot).

Take advantage of the special and get your training in ASAP!

Blue Skies

 From our Chief Instructor 

Posted 8 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

Welcome to 2016

We have a very busy year coming up at JSC and you want to make sure that you are aware of all the events and activities going on before you miss out.

2015 was the year of progression and 2016 is going to be no different.

We are going to be ensuring everyone takes another step up. One more licence up, one more rating up etc. The Mops are available on the PASA website www.para.co.za if you are unsure of the path of progression.

January marks some club admin that we need everyone to get involved in. New indemnity forms, club fees and Committee nominations. It is important to get involved at this stage and volunteer your services and level of expertise to ensure we have a strong and successful club in 2016.

March is SAFETY MONTH. We will be planning some activities and seminars around important issues that make our sport safe and make our sport dangerous. We need to make sure that we do what we love in the safest way possible and everyone is involved in keeping each other safe.

Safety is not only the job and responsibility of your CI or Instructor Body, it is something that every single skydiver needs to participate in and ensure we look after each other.

It is also the time for annual renewals to PASA. Please ensure that you fill in the online application as soon as you get it and pay your fees to avoid any delays or groundings due to non-payment.

If you need to renew a rating, please ensure that all renewal requirements are met and your back up documentation is ready to avoid delays.

April is the National Skydiving Championships. They are being hosted by PSC. We encourage all skydivers to participate in nationals. It is a requirement for some licences and ratings, so it is a good idea to check that box if you can.

The FS 2 way category is great fun, so if you don’t have a 2 way partner just yet, hook up with one of the JM’s or coaches to assist.

There have been some service bulletins wrt gear recently. Vigil and Vortex have both issued important notices that needed to be sorted. Always keep up to date on these issues and make sure you follow up and make sure you have cleared your gear before jumping it again. If you have any doubt, contact Peter Hansen.

As always I am at the end of an email Bev@jsc.co.za or a whatsapp or call 083 627 4094 if you have any questions or queries about your skydiving progression or gear.

Keep it safe and keep it fun.

Blue Skies
 Chairman's Report 

Posted 24 December 2015

On behalf of JSC Committee, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous 2016!!

What a year!!

Hi everyone!

2015 has come and gone at such a pace that it was somewhat like a Big Way Formation skydive – over in a blink of an eye but so much has happened and so much was accomplished!

In this year JSC has bloomed like a vibrant young fruit tree bearing the best of everything we could ever imagine!

For the first time in many a year, JSC has produced 3 new instructors to supply on the demand for training first jumpers and we now are able to present a first jump course every weekend! We can already see the increase in membership and it is really exciting to see the progress of our new members. We are privileged to welcome so many new members and there is a new exciting, fresh breeze over the entire DZ!  

Over and above our new Instructors, JSC has produced 6 new jump masters and we have another 4 doing their last requirements! There are also some new coaches and I am sure all will agree that we have one of the best Chief Instructors anyone could ever have wished for! Beverly Cosslett, we salute you!

After years of hard work and negotiations, we also had the privilege to see the completion of our fence along our 3.2 km outer perimeter! (We are now in the process of negotiating the electrification of it on the inside to secure it from vandalism – it just never stops.)

Some more good news – JSC is now fully registered as a Non Profit Organization without shareholding and is now sole owner of its land and assets. This opens a whole new world of exciting opportunities and we are confident that it will take JSC to new heights, better than anyone could ever have imagined!

I have to thank everyone for their hard work in making this year such a success! The JSC Committee members have worked really hard to keep everything running. Guys, we so easily accept that things will just run by itself, but I doubt if everyone realises the hard work these guys have to put in to make the club run and I am sure all will admit that it runs like clockwork! Thank you guys, enjoy your well earned rest!

Our Instructors and safety staff, on behalf of the entire JSC membership – thank you for giving up so much time to keep us safe. While jumping the day away, very few of us ever realise or show enough appreciation for your efforts. Rest assured, we know what you mean to us and we do appreciate you!

The canteen, packers and Patrick running our fuel, there are so many contributing to this wonderful place and if I have left anyone out, please forgive me? You all form part of the most wonderful family and thank you for that!

Wherever you may travel over this Festive Season, please do so safely and return home well rested and ready, for 2016 is going to be a real "gatskop" year.

On behalf of JSC Committee, please allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous 2016!!

 tonto boogie 2015 

Posted 24 November 2015

The 6th annual tonto boogie was held at JSC in November 2015, in honour of the late Eric tonto Stephenson

Wow! What an experience!

Hi everyone!

The tonto boogie simply gets better and better each year! Thank you to the JSC team that worked for hours to make such a huge success of this prestigious event!

As is the tradition, Taya made a great contribution to this event, not only by attending but also by bringing in her sponsors, so all skydivers at the boogie could stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

We were also delighted when Graham decided that Danelle needed a well deserved break, closed down his club in Rustenburg and flew in his plane to join us! Thank you Graham, you really played a huge role in making this tonto boogie extra special. That is what tonto stood for – skydivers getting together with one common goal, and that is to improve your skills while having as much fun as you can.

Man, I miss that guy so much – everyone who knew him does, and that is why his presence and legacy lives on day by day.

This year’s tonto boogie was super special! We had some amazing prizes from our generous sponsors: Parachute Systems, Icarus AirWear, Cookie and Vigil.

But wait! That’s not all! It was raining achievements that certainly would have done tonto proud! These are a list of some of the licence requirements that were done:

Constant Benade
Fritz Schoeman
Pam Turner
Brad Price
Lee Moorcraft got his 16 way!

Lynsey Houston

Sam Chapman
Johann van Coller

Michael Walker also got his 300th jump, so that Pro Rating is on it’s way.
Taz Calvert finished her JM requirements and will also be finalising that Pro Rating!

The FS SSA was presented by Bailey and Amy who gave some phenomenal coaching to our younger members. I saw some skydiving this weekend that made me feel like I needed some coaching. One word: SuperProud! Ollie represented the Wing Suit SSA and assisted our very own JSC wingsuit coach, Tamsyn Snyman in developing the skills of wingsuit flyers. Taya Weiss also formed part of this team and shared her skills to make this a phenomenal experience for all.

The AE SSA also sponsored slots for AE coaching and Warren Hitchcock and Braam van Heerden did fantastic work in improving the skills of those who dared to wander off into the "Dark Side".

One of the biggest highlights certainly was our Wonderboom friends. Martin, Cito, Wade and Jono, this boogie simply will not be completed without you! Your music simply is the best! But wait, that’s not all! Wonderboom brought in a second rock band, “Gun Slinger”. These guys play our favourite eighties rock of music and what a show!

A big thanks to the hard working team in the kitchen and Bar, Ian, Yvonne, Kia, Shaun and Patrick. Thank you for keeping us fed. Especially at 05:00 in the morning on short notice!

Thank you Bev, Pam, Jeannie, Stefan, Ilke, Hani, Peter, Gerrie, Nicole, Abby, Mark and Maryke as well as everyone on the team who made this tonto boogie even more special than the previous one. Guys, what are you going to pull out of the hat next year!? Can you beat this? (I think so)

And lastly, to everyone who travelled from far and wide to join us. It was super having visitors from clubs from all over South Africa and abroad. We do hope that we met your expectations and you will be joining us again in 2016!!

We look forward to hosting you again!!!

 There is no stopping JSC!!! 

Posted 25 September 2015

JSC received the Lilizela Tourism Award 2015 award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category!

This week we received the Lilizela Tourism Award 2015 award for Visitor Experience in the Action & Adventure category!

We couldn’t have done this without all the amazing people at JSC.  

 Chairman's Report 

Posted 1 July 2015

JSC remains the leader, setting an example for others to follow!

Hi everyone,

I find myself humbled and to say the honest truth, somewhat overwhelmed.

JSC received an invitation to attend the West Rand Tourism Award Evening held at Silver Star casino on Monday 20 July.

Needless to say, this is a most prestigious event and only receiving an invitation to attend it, already is quite an achievement.

Our expectations were exceeded by far and we are proud to report back to our membership with the following awards presented to JSC:

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

1. Adventure Experience: GOLD AWARD

2. Best Tourism Experience: PLATINUM AWARD

3. Tourism Experience: OVERALL WINNER
(floating trophy)

4. Special Award: Tourism Ambassador of the Year:

This huge privilege and honour would never have turned into a reality, had it not been for the passion and active participation of the team I am so blessed to be a part of.

The Johannesburg Skydiving Club Committee, Tandem Masters, Editors, Hosts, Cameramen and all other members selflessly contributing to making JSC the spectacular Club it is, deserve more mention than I do. (There are so many of you and I cannot mention any names in fear of excluding someone.)

Guys thank you for your continued efforts!

JSC will now automatically be included for nominations for awards on a higher level and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!!!!

 JSC Wins 4 Tourism Awards! 

Posted 30 June 2015

JSC has won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards - Gold in the category Adventure Experience; Overall Winner in the Tourism Experience (floating trophy); Platinum in the Best Tourism Experience; and our esteemed Chairman Pottie was the overall winner in the Tourism Ambassador of the Year - well done JSC!!!

I am exceptionally pleased and proud to announce that Johannesburg Skydiving Club just won 4 awards in the 8th West Rand Tourism Awards.

The awards were hosted at Silverstar Casino and many dignitaries from municipal, local and national government attended the event.

JSC won the following awards:

And our esteemed Chairman Eugene “Pottie” Potgieter won

Based on the other winners and the fact that JSC won the Overall Floating Trophy for OVERALL Tourism Experience shows that all the hard work was worth it and we can only strive to make JSC the best tourist destination not only in the West Rand, but in South Africa as a whole.

I have to extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to the whole Committee who work tirelessly every day to ensure the operation continues to excel, the tandem masters who make the tourist experience so memorable, the camera crew who capture it all, the editors who entrench the memories forever, the packers for ensuring they all keep flying safely and to all the members who contribute to the instructor body including JM’s and Instructors. And the support staff that play such an integral role in the background, manifest, canteen and bar operators and staff keep us all going each weekend, without who, we would be lost (and starving), thank you.

This is an amazing ship we have and I am so proud to have been part of this phenomenal achievement for 2015.

Well done,

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