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 Chairman's Report 

15 April 2014

JSC Tandems

Hey everyone!!

Our JSC Tandem Project has launched and is exceeding all expectations!

Joos Vos came up all the way from the Cape to assist us in signing off our brand new Tandem Instructors and I am happy to inform you that both Stefan Griesel and Bailey Edmonds have received their Tandem Instructor ratings!

Last weekend, we started up our brand new JSC Editing Suite and we were overwhelmed by the compliments we received for the great quality of our final product! We owe all the thanks to Ryan and Ilke who worked until late Friday night to start up our editing station and they have built us a DVD Intro we can be proud of!!

Guys, it is passion like yours that takes JSC forward! We deeply appreciate your efforts and we are proud to show off your handwork!

Watch this space, JSC has entered a new era!

Blue skies


8 April 2014

 Mid-week jumps and team training for Nationals 

Mid-week jumps and team training at JSC - Nationals 2014

JSC will be open on 18 April and from 22 to 25 April.

All teams are welcome and we will also accommodate fun jumpers!

Book your jumps now at premanifest@jsc.co.za

Hope everyone has a great nationals!

Blue Skies
Operations Manager

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